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Global stats (sum of all modes)

League: Diamond (max: Grandmaster)
Global score: 4688 (max: 4688)

League rank: unranked (inactive)
Global rank: unranked (inactive)

Level 79 (2718966 XP points)
Game version: 1.2.1
Joined: 2018-04-22 19:01:21 UTC
Last activity: 2019-10-05 17:04:33 UTC

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The whole season

Ranked match count: 347
Victories: 171 (49.28%)
Defeats: 128 (36.89%)
Draws: 48 (13.83%)

First Match: 2018-09-25 08:24:27 UTC
Last Match: 2018-11-28 05:50:45 UTC
Play time: < 1 hour

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